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Red Cross Unit Bombed In Ethiopia,1936/02/12

Published 1936

"Rain of Bombs Kills And Maims Red Cross Workers (Photographed by Howard Winner, Ace Universal Newsreel Cameraman) - Dolo, Ethiopia: Exclusive, authentic pictures graphically show the flaming terror hurled against a Red Cross field unit near Nugelli by Italian airmen. Bombs and machine-gun fire kill and cripple Swedish doctors and their Ethiopian assistants. Scores of wounded soldiers die as the raiders ignore Red Cross flags. These scenes are among the most amazing ever made by a newsreel cameraman." - shows cameraman turning crank "These exclusive pictures were filmed at great personal peril . . ." (silent partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: Issue TV - - March 26, 2014
Subject: request for use of clip in documentary
Hi This film is very informative - I am seeking rights to use a segment of the film in a non profit educational documentary for broadcast. Can I use it? Thanks